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Media or No Media: Is it in You?


For me, and I believe mostly everyone else, media is used daily. From the time that I wake up to the time I go to sleep, media is constantly surrounding me. My first day of using media began the minute I heard my alarm go off from my cell phone. The loud, obnoxious ringtone that nobody actually ever sets their phone on to ring because it’s so annoying; however, that is the only thing that will wake me up.

I got out of bed after trying to sleep for as long as possible and put some music on to try to awake myself a little more before I have to actually start thinking for class. I get myself ready for the day and head on out to begin my morning. For my first three classes of the day, I did not use much media except for the video shown in Mass Communications 101. Then after my classes, I pulled myself cell phone out almost immediately and went to lunch. Coming back from lunch I got on my computer, checking my email, Facebook and of course, Ning! 🙂

After hanging out for about an hour in my room, getting a head start on some homework, I then had another class which was health. I personally did not use media in this class, but a group was giving a presentation on the computer with the Microsoft Powerpoint program. After my class was done, I needed to drive to with my brother to his apartment to get a program to install into my MacBook. In the car, the radio was on the whole ten minutes of the drive. During this period of time, I heard a couple songs and some boring commercials, which I absolutely hate, so I changed the station to hear more music. 

After getting back to my room, I continued to work on some homework. Once I got tired of doing that, I decided I should eat a little something before I had to go to my film night class which began at 6. For the duration of this class period, all we did was watch a movie called “Chinatown.” It was semi boring, but it had its sparks to make it more interesting. When class was finished I came home and watched TV for the rest of the night.

My second day of media, I was at work for the majority of the day, so I did not use too much. I used the computer to make appointments and answered the phone when it rang. I used my cell phone when I had time, however there wasn’t much. When I came home, I finished my homework as soon as possible and ended the night with watching some TV to relax.

I noticed how much I truly use media throughout my day. I use my cell phone probably the most, but I also check my Facebook and email way more than I needed to. If I needed any question answered for homework or just bored in my free time, the internet is where I was. Media is crucial for me which is somewhat scary in the sense of how much I use it. It is all around you, all the time, making it pretty much impossible to avoid.



Starting off, I knew it would be very difficult to go two full days without media. I used my regular alarm clock instead of the one on my phone just to avoid using it in the morning. Granted, it did not wake me up as quickly. Anyway, I went to my classes without my cell phone just so I wouldn’t be tempted to use it. Just like someone else in our class, I have the same experience of going to camp without using my cell phone the WHOLE time. Although, when your away somewhere like camp, no one else has the phone either so it’s not as tempting to want it. Here, everyone else has theirs! 😦

So as I finish my first three classes of the day, I go to lunch still not having used any media so far, even though I’m craving for my cell phone. After lunch I went back to my room to realize that I still can’t use my computer or TV; as if not using my phone wasn’t enough! So I decide to just lay down and take a break from looking at everyone else use all of their electronics. I wish I could at least listen to my iPod but no, I refrained myself from taking it out of my drawer.

As I go to my next class, I still haven’t used any media; however, there was another powerpoint in class that was brought up on the computer. You would have thought maybe that would have helped a little bit to see the computer screen, but it certainly did not. 

Even though my classes were done for the day, I had a meeting with my advisor. When I went to her office, she wanted me to set up a google account so I would be able to see her calendar online. SHE made me touch the computer and sign up myself, even though I didn’t want to. 🙂 I walked back to my dorm room and pulled myself phone out almost immediately. I needed at least that and thought that I had gone pretty long at not using it. 

For the rest of the day I didn’t use any media except for the fact that my roommate was watching TV on her side of the room. It was finally after twelve o’clock and I grabbed my remote off of my dresser and switched on my TV. I had enough of not doing anything!

I didn’t notice how much we truly use media everyday until this task. It is much harder than you think to not use any type of media on a daily basis. I mean I knew it was gonna be hard, but wow! Everything you do involves some type of media; whether it is talking/texting on your cell phone, surfing the internet, watching TV and so much more. You think you may be able to go a full day without using any media, but it’s more difficult than you believe it to be. Is it in YOU?

There are advantages and disadvantages to media. The advantages for me are being able to connect and stay in touch with all of my friends and family. Also, it is a nice way to relax when I’m stressed out. For example, listening to music or just watching TV. However, the disadvantages are that you get hooked on it, without even meaning to sometimes. When your on Facebook, you just browse everyone’s site, wanting to know what’s new with them. When you spend this much time on the computer or watching TV, there are different activities that you could be doing that could definitely be a better use of your time.


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