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Growing up with Disney!

disneyEveryone falls in love with Disney movies, but what are you really watching. Messages that get sent through these movies are just not practical in times today. One cultural theme you see in many of Disney’s movies is that the men have power, and that there is always usually a prince or leading man of some sort. Another culture theme that is usually happening is that of a happy ending, which the girl always get the prince. This gives the illusion that relationships are always perfect and end happy, when they really don’t. Along with this fact that the girl always get a prince, leads to an idea that there is a specific person your meant to marry and be with. In many of these movies is the fathers are telling their daughters that they must marry a certain man, and in each movie, they rebel and marry the man they love. Examples of this are The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Beauty and the Beast. One last theme that I noticed in many of the Disney movies was that there is always an absent parent, or a parent who dies, usually being the mother. Think about it, in Finding Nemo, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, A Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Aladdin, Cinderella, The Lion King, A Goofy Movie, Anastasia and more. However, I am not saying that all messages portrayed in Disney movies are bad. I actually believe that in many of the movies separately they give off good messages and values that children do understand, but these are the similar themes that are shown throughout many Disney movies.


Even though these messages are not all practical, when I was a little girl watching these, I did not know any different, nor did I connect the them to these actual meanings. Disney movies were a big part of my childhood. Those were many of the first movies that my brother and I watched and the stories that my whole family loved. Disney was one way that brought us together and still does. This past summer we went to Disney World in Florida, and it was a way to bring all of us together and relate back to the same movies we all used to watch together, regardless of our age. 


Although growing up with this type of media culture was great, the messages behind the movies which I do understand now and know that it is not the culture of the “real world.” Some may believe that there is a right person for everybody, but that man is not a prince and nor are relationships perfect. Also, it is possible for people to have happy endings but that is not everyones case. The concept of an absent, or dying parent might have taught children at a young age that parents do not live forever and will not always be there. 


I definitely believe that there is an over-commercialization far beyond the movies. Children all over the country and world for that matter, love Disney movies, as do there parents. Therefore, the merchandise for these movies was easy for them to sell. Walt Disney has created so many products for children now through the movies, TV shows, games, it is not even funny. There is much cross-promotion, production and advertising from Disney which is part of the reason they are so powerful in the media world today. 


The magic and dreams come true part of the movies is what I believe partially makes parents and children love so much. Disney movies are almost always a utopia, which is part of what makes them so special. Also, I think that for adults, the happiness of watching their children enjoy these movies makes them enjoy it as well. As we discussed in class, there are also almost hidden messages and jokes throughout the Disney movies that entertain the parents also, which completely blows over a child’s head. 


For me, I do believe that Disney will always be a part of me and my childhood because of the fact that I grew up on these movies, and to this day still love them.


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Touching Novels

One of the books I have read that has made a significant difference in my life would have to be Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl. I’m sure everyone knows what book this is even if they have not read it. This is a non-fiction book that was bought either by my parents or my grandmother many years ago. 


It was given to me when I was definitely slightly younger which is part of the reason why I do not fully remember who gave it to me. I read this book when it was given to me and then I had to read it again for one of my required books in middle school. Normally, I would not have reread the book, however I did not fully remember all the details and events that occurred. 


I had not had many discussions about the book except for in class in middle school which I do not remember much of. I know we talked about the Holocaust in general which led to the requirement of reading the book. This book has impacted my life a great deal due to the fact that I am and was raised Jewish, which is why I believe it did have such an impact on my life. Even though I was not there nor living during this terrible time, when I read this book it really made me almost envision these scenarios. There were many times while reading the diary that I got chills and came close to crying just because everything was so sad, and even worse, I knew this really did happen.


Another way this book had influenced my life was that it made me recognize what I have today and how lucky I am to live the privileged life that I do. In Anne Frank the Diary of  a Young Girl, you read about how many restrictions she had on her life during this time and the hardship that she went through, including having to give up all of her personal belongings. It really made me realize the loving family and friends I have, as well as the extra unneeded wants that I do have such as clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.


This book does not exactly influence what I read today just because of the reason that I do not read. The only books that I have read in the past few years were only the required books that I had to read for high school. It simply is just not a hobby of mine and there are many other things that I would rather spend my time doing. However, even though I do not like to read, and did deeply enjoy this book which truly impacted me.

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Social Networking-Good or Bad?

The article in which I read on the topic of social networking and how it is impacting our lives is called Is MySpace Good for Society? A Freakonomics Quorum. Throughout this article, the writer Stephen Dubner, asks professors, marketing officers, and advisors to talk about this topic. 


The major ideas and theories that we’re brought up about this topic were mostly positive but did involve negatives. Each person had their own specific opinion as to whether or not these social networking sites were good for our society. The main ideas from each of these people were that social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc., have mostly a positive outcome. They believe that it is a great way to meet people and stay in touch with those you may not be able to face to face. It was also said that these websites can help students because it improves their social skills and allows them to get better acquainted with people in their dorms and classes. Also among students, if they need information about a homework assignment or something related to schoolwork, it is easy to contact and a friend and get that information. 


Negatives that were mentioned by these specialists was that many students spend way to much time on these sites instead of studying and going out to meet people in person. A woman states, “social capital hasn’t really declined, but has simply moved online.” It was said that there is a scarce possibility that face to face social contact will eventually disappear because it will be on the internet, however many people do not believe this will actually come to be. Another negative that was found in these social networking sites was the untrustworthy people that you could possibly meet on them. One last negative that was mentioned was the fact that students may not be able to receive jobs because of the photos and other information that they are posting on these sites. However, this can be controlled and is just up to the person to make wise decisions of what can and can not be shown.


Overall, these specialists believe that the positives of these sites outweigh the negatives. They believe it is a way to become more social, and gain opportunities with jobs, relationships, and friends. 


I personally fully support just about everything that was stated in this article. I believe that there are more positives than negatives to these social networking sites. The only sites that I actually use anymore is Facebook and of course Ning. Each of these sties are great for meeting people and helping with communication skills. I am able to stay in touch with my friends from middle and high school, as well as add the new the people I am meeting in college. Even though I would not normally talk to some of the new people I am meeting in my classes, I am able to connect with them through Facebook and Ning to establish friendships. 


However, the negatives in which I personally find in these sites, is that they do take up much of my time. Sometimes instead of doing homework or studying, I find myself just skimming through my friend’s pages on Facebook for hours. Also, even though I was taught the proper way to write, there is a chance that I may use slang in schoolwork assignments just because that is what I am used to writing when talking online to friends. I do not believe that there is a scarce in the future of not having face to face communication. Even if it is possible to survive that way on the internet, I know that I and I’m sure many others will still want to have the face to face communication. Also there is a chance that you can come across someone you may not want on these sites because of the fact that they could pose as someone they are not. You just need to be careful of who you add and talk to.


The social networking sites that are offered today do impact the communication style as well as the classroom and workplace of my generation. These implications are either mentioned through the positives or negatives of what these sites offer.


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The Hills

thehillslaurenconrad_lThe program which I was watching was the the MTV show series The Hills. During the commercial breaks on MTV they advertise the website for The Hills to go and check out what you may have missed on previous episodes as well read about gossip of the characters. When you go on the site, the top part of the homepage is a slideshow of pictures of the cast. It is a very flashy homepage and has a lot of information and different things to look at.


Some of the things that are offered on the site that you can watch are full length episodes that have already been aired, as well as after shows, bonus clips, recaps, and sneak peeks. Also on this site they have extras such as episode summaries, photos, and songs from the show. They also have a blog and topics on events that have happened throughout the show. You can read what the stars of the show think of these situations just like a normal blog.


The functionality of this site is to go and gain any information about the show that you do not already know. You can look at any previous episode that you may not have been able to watch while it aired. Also, if you have never seen the show before, this site will give you the information to catch up and learn about the drama and characters in order to come watch the show and know what is going on.


This site offers a form of entertainment that attracts more of a younger age group, particularly in women. The dramatic situations on that occur on the show pull in the attention of these ladies and want to watch what will happen next. Also, when watching the show, people are hooked in on the characters and there lives, therefore wanting to know more.


Uses of Mass Media that are portrayed on the show/site are interpret/decision making, which is shown when they have interviews and blogs on the site to explain why some of the drama and events happen on the show. Also, values transmission/socialization from the show and further explained on the site shows the social interactions between the characters. Finally, the entertainment/diversion is obviously a form of media that is used in the show because of the fact that you want to watch the show, merely for your entertainment. 🙂


This site was very informative about the show, however, one addition that I would add to it would be to put upcoming episodes. You could advertise the upcoming episodes by providing the synopsis or even by giving trailers of what will happen in weeks to come. The reason that I would recommend to add this feature to the site is because this will keep people watching the show and wanting to know more. It will give them suspense and therefore will tune in to the show to see what will happen next. 

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