Social Networking-Good or Bad?

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The article in which I read on the topic of social networking and how it is impacting our lives is called Is MySpace Good for Society? A Freakonomics Quorum. Throughout this article, the writer Stephen Dubner, asks professors, marketing officers, and advisors to talk about this topic. 


The major ideas and theories that we’re brought up about this topic were mostly positive but did involve negatives. Each person had their own specific opinion as to whether or not these social networking sites were good for our society. The main ideas from each of these people were that social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc., have mostly a positive outcome. They believe that it is a great way to meet people and stay in touch with those you may not be able to face to face. It was also said that these websites can help students because it improves their social skills and allows them to get better acquainted with people in their dorms and classes. Also among students, if they need information about a homework assignment or something related to schoolwork, it is easy to contact and a friend and get that information. 


Negatives that were mentioned by these specialists was that many students spend way to much time on these sites instead of studying and going out to meet people in person. A woman states, “social capital hasn’t really declined, but has simply moved online.” It was said that there is a scarce possibility that face to face social contact will eventually disappear because it will be on the internet, however many people do not believe this will actually come to be. Another negative that was found in these social networking sites was the untrustworthy people that you could possibly meet on them. One last negative that was mentioned was the fact that students may not be able to receive jobs because of the photos and other information that they are posting on these sites. However, this can be controlled and is just up to the person to make wise decisions of what can and can not be shown.


Overall, these specialists believe that the positives of these sites outweigh the negatives. They believe it is a way to become more social, and gain opportunities with jobs, relationships, and friends. 


I personally fully support just about everything that was stated in this article. I believe that there are more positives than negatives to these social networking sites. The only sites that I actually use anymore is Facebook and of course Ning. Each of these sties are great for meeting people and helping with communication skills. I am able to stay in touch with my friends from middle and high school, as well as add the new the people I am meeting in college. Even though I would not normally talk to some of the new people I am meeting in my classes, I am able to connect with them through Facebook and Ning to establish friendships. 


However, the negatives in which I personally find in these sites, is that they do take up much of my time. Sometimes instead of doing homework or studying, I find myself just skimming through my friend’s pages on Facebook for hours. Also, even though I was taught the proper way to write, there is a chance that I may use slang in schoolwork assignments just because that is what I am used to writing when talking online to friends. I do not believe that there is a scarce in the future of not having face to face communication. Even if it is possible to survive that way on the internet, I know that I and I’m sure many others will still want to have the face to face communication. Also there is a chance that you can come across someone you may not want on these sites because of the fact that they could pose as someone they are not. You just need to be careful of who you add and talk to.


The social networking sites that are offered today do impact the communication style as well as the classroom and workplace of my generation. These implications are either mentioned through the positives or negatives of what these sites offer.


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