Growing up with Disney!

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disneyEveryone falls in love with Disney movies, but what are you really watching. Messages that get sent through these movies are just not practical in times today. One cultural theme you see in many of Disney’s movies is that the men have power, and that there is always usually a prince or leading man of some sort. Another culture theme that is usually happening is that of a happy ending, which the girl always get the prince. This gives the illusion that relationships are always perfect and end happy, when they really don’t. Along with this fact that the girl always get a prince, leads to an idea that there is a specific person your meant to marry and be with. In many of these movies is the fathers are telling their daughters that they must marry a certain man, and in each movie, they rebel and marry the man they love. Examples of this are The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Beauty and the Beast. One last theme that I noticed in many of the Disney movies was that there is always an absent parent, or a parent who dies, usually being the mother. Think about it, in Finding Nemo, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, A Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Aladdin, Cinderella, The Lion King, A Goofy Movie, Anastasia and more. However, I am not saying that all messages portrayed in Disney movies are bad. I actually believe that in many of the movies separately they give off good messages and values that children do understand, but these are the similar themes that are shown throughout many Disney movies.


Even though these messages are not all practical, when I was a little girl watching these, I did not know any different, nor did I connect the them to these actual meanings. Disney movies were a big part of my childhood. Those were many of the first movies that my brother and I watched and the stories that my whole family loved. Disney was one way that brought us together and still does. This past summer we went to Disney World in Florida, and it was a way to bring all of us together and relate back to the same movies we all used to watch together, regardless of our age. 


Although growing up with this type of media culture was great, the messages behind the movies which I do understand now and know that it is not the culture of the “real world.” Some may believe that there is a right person for everybody, but that man is not a prince and nor are relationships perfect. Also, it is possible for people to have happy endings but that is not everyones case. The concept of an absent, or dying parent might have taught children at a young age that parents do not live forever and will not always be there. 


I definitely believe that there is an over-commercialization far beyond the movies. Children all over the country and world for that matter, love Disney movies, as do there parents. Therefore, the merchandise for these movies was easy for them to sell. Walt Disney has created so many products for children now through the movies, TV shows, games, it is not even funny. There is much cross-promotion, production and advertising from Disney which is part of the reason they are so powerful in the media world today. 


The magic and dreams come true part of the movies is what I believe partially makes parents and children love so much. Disney movies are almost always a utopia, which is part of what makes them so special. Also, I think that for adults, the happiness of watching their children enjoy these movies makes them enjoy it as well. As we discussed in class, there are also almost hidden messages and jokes throughout the Disney movies that entertain the parents also, which completely blows over a child’s head. 


For me, I do believe that Disney will always be a part of me and my childhood because of the fact that I grew up on these movies, and to this day still love them.


video clip 🙂 


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