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One of the books I have read that has made a significant difference in my life would have to be Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl. I’m sure everyone knows what book this is even if they have not read it. This is a non-fiction book that was bought either by my parents or my grandmother many years ago. 


It was given to me when I was definitely slightly younger which is part of the reason why I do not fully remember who gave it to me. I read this book when it was given to me and then I had to read it again for one of my required books in middle school. Normally, I would not have reread the book, however I did not fully remember all the details and events that occurred. 


I had not had many discussions about the book except for in class in middle school which I do not remember much of. I know we talked about the Holocaust in general which led to the requirement of reading the book. This book has impacted my life a great deal due to the fact that I am and was raised Jewish, which is why I believe it did have such an impact on my life. Even though I was not there nor living during this terrible time, when I read this book it really made me almost envision these scenarios. There were many times while reading the diary that I got chills and came close to crying just because everything was so sad, and even worse, I knew this really did happen.


Another way this book had influenced my life was that it made me recognize what I have today and how lucky I am to live the privileged life that I do. In Anne Frank the Diary of  a Young Girl, you read about how many restrictions she had on her life during this time and the hardship that she went through, including having to give up all of her personal belongings. It really made me realize the loving family and friends I have, as well as the extra unneeded wants that I do have such as clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.


This book does not exactly influence what I read today just because of the reason that I do not read. The only books that I have read in the past few years were only the required books that I had to read for high school. It simply is just not a hobby of mine and there are many other things that I would rather spend my time doing. However, even though I do not like to read, and did deeply enjoy this book which truly impacted me.


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