Consuming Kids

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While watching Consuming Kids in class, I was somewhat disturbed. Some of the ways that they were influencing these children was just wrong. In the film, it was said that parents or grandparents are spending about $700 billion dollars on what kind of cell phone, computer, vacations, cars, etc., just based on the nag factor of children wanting the item. Therefore, if a child wants something, the parents are most likely to spend the money to buy it for them. This is why most companies are targeting children in their commercials, in hope that the child will want the product and make their parents buy it.

In the past, kids have influenced commodities purchased, however things were much cheaper then. Mentioned in the video, it was said in the 70’s to ban the advertising on children eight and under, but they took away FTC authorities and passed the authority and right to regulate advertising to children in the 80’s, therefore still continuing today. It was also shown in the film that psychologists and sociologists are hired in order to study the specific age group and target the products to those children.

I personally do not think that children understand how they’re being targeted in these commercials. I believe that many of the messages being put into these advertisements go way over the heads of children. However, I do think that these advertisements are instilling bad values for a child. They’re somewhat stimulating that you are what you have, buy and own and that if you do not have these things then you are less than others. I do think that it is sad and creepy however that kids are being almost “dissected” and looked at just to sell products.


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