“Spin the Bottle”

November 21, 2009 at 2:17 am Leave a comment

In my opinion, “Spin the Bottle” was a very informative and meaningful video. I thought the message that was being shown was a very true and concerning issue, however maybe a bit exaggerated. The video explained how TV shows, commercials, movies, music videos, etc., are overusing the advertisement for alcohol in such programs. It also stated how these advertisements are glamorizing alcohol and now showing any negative consequences of drinking. They are mostly advertising to children and teenagers because of the fact that they might not have experience with the use of alcohol and not realize the negative and dangerous effects it could have. Even though I know they consequences, it is still very scary to see, especially knowing that younger children do not know of such situations that can occur.

Another part of the video which I thought was interesting and true for that matter was the way men and women are supposed to represent and act drinking alcohol. In these advertisements, men are portrayed as being pressured into drinking which gives the idea that the more they drink, the more a man they are. For women, they are also advertised drinking, however, the more they drink, the less attractive they become. Also, since most women are concerned about gaining weight from drinking alcohol, the advertisement of it can potentially lead to eating disorders.

The reason that which I believe this video was a bit exaggerated is because they state that by kids watching these ads in the movies, TV shows, etc., this is how many children will act when they start drinking alcohol. I do believe that to some extent, children may act based off of what they see, however, most parents will interfere and talk to their children explaining what is right and wrong. Overall, this world created by ads could create a situation that could be dangerous and lead to rape or other bad situations for those who are not informed properly about the use of drinking.


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