Verizon’s Multimedia

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The advertising campaign for Verizon Wireless cell phone service uses many types of media to promote its network. You see the advertisements for this cell phone company sthrough numerous medium. There are ads in magazines, movies, on the internet, radio and  commercials on TV. For these media, there is not a set time that the Verizon campaign runs everyday. It is randomly shown in magazines, movies, the radio and on the side bars of some internet sites. When it is advertised on TV, it is usually advertising the company in general or perhaps a specific plan that is being offered as a special. The reason for all of these ads being shown randomly is because it depends on when Verizon wants their commercials and ads to be shown. It solely depends on when and where Verizon buys the advertisement which determines when and where it will be shown.

The audience that Verizon would be targeting to would be almost anyone because of the fact that anyone could want a cell phone. More specifically though, the audience would primarily be directed to adults and parents who would be paying for the cell phone and cell phone plan for themselves or their family. Children most likely will not be paying for their cell phone or the bill, however, some children can convince their parents to let them have a specific phone or plan based on how much they want to text and send messages to others. I also believe that they target any ethnicity, race, gender, or income among people because there slogan is “America’s most reliable network.” They therefore want to target their cell phone to anywhere and anyone.

I think that Verizon is very effective in advertising there company. They have many advertisements numerous time of the day on multimedia. One of the reasons I think their advertising is effective is because of one the approaches they use in many commercials such as the “plain-folks pitch.” They target any type of ordinary person that lives their lives as most people do everyday because that is the majority of people who buy the products that Verizon offers. Another reason I think that Verizon’s campaign is so effective is because many people already use their service and know that it is a good and reliable network, which then influences others to switch to Verizon.


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