Oh, Towson Basketball!

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The public event that I attended was an entertaining one right here on Towson’s campus, the basketball game. While riding the shuttle to Towson Center, there are many people along the way you see either on the bus or walking that are dressed up in Towson’s colors. Some students even go all out and paint their faces or get dressed up.

At the event, numerous things are going on all at once. You have the players in the game, the cheerleaders and pom squad cheering on the sideline, fraternities and sororities dressed up, the opponent and adult sections, and then you have the more enthusiastic section of the students. It is a very hectic scene because all of this is going on at once, as well as various loud noises all around you.

The cheerleaders and pom squad are trying to pump up and the crowd as much as they can and get the crowd involved in the game. They want to convince everyone that Towson is the best and they are going to win. In hope of that, it should pep the crowd up to cheer on the basketball team and help them to victory! 🙂  By trying to get the crowd excited they do stunts, dances and cheers throughout the game, as well as give away prizes. Along with the cheerleaders, they have the Battle of the Greeks, Doc’s Army, the appearance of Doc, and special guests in the center of the court. For example, at the previous basketball game they gave away full pizzas. They stood in front of the crowd and held the boxes up shaking them, and as they did that the crowd of course went wild hoping they would get the pizza box to get the pizza.

I do think that the cheerleaders and pom squad performing and doing cheers peps up the crowd which encourages the basketball team to play even harder. Them along with everyone that dresses up does make the games more interesting and exciting for everyone. However, I do not believe that this solely makes the basketball team win or lose, I only think that this helps them be pumped up and want to win more.


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