Unethical Commercial!

November 25, 2009 at 1:15 am Leave a comment

To Whom it May Concern,

I am deeply concerned with why you decided to create a commercial that has such an offensive and unethical message. Even though it says “If you wouldn’t get away with it here, then you shouldn’t get away with it at home,” the man does get away with it in the restaurant because no one is stopping him. So I do firmly believe that this sends the wrong message and does not get the point of the commercial across clearly.

You should definitely decide not to air this commercial on TV because of its unethical message that is shown. I’m sure that many parents would not want their children to see such vile language or actions. This commercial could be very scary for children and women and could cause serious problems within a family. Also, for a women who possibly already was or is being abused, this could bring back terrible images, hurting them even more mentally. It would just be a better idea to not show such images on a public viewing in order to ensure that your audience would not be upset or disturbed by this commercial.

There is definitely a better way that you could advertise this hotline and clinic to viewers without showing such harmful actions and vulgar language. You could take a serious approach as you have done in the previous commercials, but you should seriously consider taking out the harmful and scary actions that have been shown. Instead, you could change you slogan to something more meaningful so that you would not have to use such language and violence.


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