You can’t spend money you don’t have: Get a Job!

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Think of everything you spend money on at this point in your life. Between housing expenses, food/alcohol, personal hygiene, entertainment, shopping, transportation, books for school and whatever else you do in your free time, it’s never ending. It’s never too early to start saving money. You’re always gonna need it.

A lot of students complain about having no money. Yet, these same people are spending their ‘non existent’ money on things they can’t afford and don’t need. You’re probably living on your own now and instead of asking your parents for money, you should take the responsibility upon yourself! Obviously everyone has a busy schedule, including myself. You have school, clubs or meetings to attend and probably still want to maintain a social life. A lot of these fun things cost money though!

Becoming an employee and making your own income definitely has its own rewards and can be very gratifying. Earning your own money will make you appreciate the money you have and will also make you more aware of the money you’re spending. You’ll be more hesitant to spend your money that you just worked so hard to earn, which can definitely lead to saving your money! I know it’s already worked for me.

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Getting a job will absolutely help you start saving money AND give you money to spend your own way. According to the Save Money Blog, getting a job and budgeting your money you have will help you stay out of debt and build up your savings. You can’t afford to spend money that you don’t have in the first place.


Applying to several different types of jobs will keep your options open and give you a better chance of receiving a job.

            Talk to friends, family, anyone and everyone who could lead you to a possible employer. In a lot of cases, it’s not necessarily what you know, but who you know. Making contacts can absolutely increase your chances of future employment. There are many social networks we use today that could help, such as, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, this very wordpress and so many others!

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Living on-campus can definitely complicate finding a job, especially if you don’t have a form of transportation. However, there are jobs available on-campus that pay and you can apply today!

If you have trouble finding a job there are options you can do on your own that could ultimately bring in revenue. For example, making apps for cells is a cheap and great way to make money. For example, there are already money saving apps out such as gas stations with cheaper prices and where it’s free to park. Another job you can do right from home is making your own website.

I don’t see why students wouldn’t get a job. There are so many things we spend money on and need to save up for. Everyone has a full plate, you just need to learn how to manage your schedule and make things happen!


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