Being Transportation Savvy Can Go a Long Way

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This blog has been about how students today may have a difficult time budgeting their money. An article in USA Today expresses how young people in America struggle with financial literacy.  It states that financial literacy tests given in high schools, has had decreasing tests results within the last decade. One main factor of budgeting money that is spent, starts in high school and follows all through adulthood, with driving.

I’m sure a lot of money that students earn goes toward putting gas in their car. I know mine personally does. Gas prices have sky rocketed and before you know it, you need to fill your tank up again. Between driving to and from school, work, running errands and other events you may take part in, gas in your car is just burning away.

According to The Coupon Bible, one of the main ways you can save money on gas is being frugal when running around. I’m sure when you go out on your shopping trips you don’t consider the amount you’re driving, because you have to go there anyways. If you have to go to more than one store or make a few errands, go all at once. Make a list of what you have to do and hit all those stores in one day. However, within that list, you should obviously plan out the most beneficial traveling routes for you to spend the least amount of miles driving.

You shouldn’t drive if you don’t have to. If your destination is near by, you should choose to walk or ride a bike. Not only will you be saving gas, but hey, it’s also good exercise! In addition to this, it’s beneficial to your bank account if you start calculating the miles per week you drive. I’ve realized that I drive close to 150 miles a week, going back and forth to where I need, but also want to go. I’ve started limiting the number of miles I drive in a week just two weeks ago and can tell my gas is already lasting longer.

Also, if you have a friend or co-worker going to the same place, it’s always a smart idea to carpool. Ride with someone or even take turns driving. Either way this will reduce the money you spend on gas and is also in the best interest of the environment.

Here are a few other tips dealing with your car that can ultimately save money. First, you can apply for gas station credit cards, which provide discounts on gas. Keep your car well maintained, such as on time oil changes and properly inflated tires. And obviously buy the cheapest gas you can find because every cent counts!


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