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Unethical Commercial!

To Whom it May Concern,

I am deeply concerned with why you decided to create a commercial that has such an offensive and unethical message. Even though it says “If you wouldn’t get away with it here, then you shouldn’t get away with it at home,” the man does get away with it in the restaurant because no one is stopping him. So I do firmly believe that this sends the wrong message and does not get the point of the commercial across clearly.

You should definitely decide not to air this commercial on TV because of its unethical message that is shown. I’m sure that many parents would not want their children to see such vile language or actions. This commercial could be very scary for children and women and could cause serious problems within a family. Also, for a women who possibly already was or is being abused, this could bring back terrible images, hurting them even more mentally. It would just be a better idea to not show such images on a public viewing in order to ensure that your audience would not be upset or disturbed by this commercial.

There is definitely a better way that you could advertise this hotline and clinic to viewers without showing such harmful actions and vulgar language. You could take a serious approach as you have done in the previous commercials, but you should seriously consider taking out the harmful and scary actions that have been shown. Instead, you could change you slogan to something more meaningful so that you would not have to use such language and violence.


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Oh, Towson Basketball!

The public event that I attended was an entertaining one right here on Towson’s campus, the basketball game. While riding the shuttle to Towson Center, there are many people along the way you see either on the bus or walking that are dressed up in Towson’s colors. Some students even go all out and paint their faces or get dressed up.

At the event, numerous things are going on all at once. You have the players in the game, the cheerleaders and pom squad cheering on the sideline, fraternities and sororities dressed up, the opponent and adult sections, and then you have the more enthusiastic section of the students. It is a very hectic scene because all of this is going on at once, as well as various loud noises all around you.

The cheerleaders and pom squad are trying to pump up and the crowd as much as they can and get the crowd involved in the game. They want to convince everyone that Towson is the best and they are going to win. In hope of that, it should pep the crowd up to cheer on the basketball team and help them to victory! 🙂  By trying to get the crowd excited they do stunts, dances and cheers throughout the game, as well as give away prizes. Along with the cheerleaders, they have the Battle of the Greeks, Doc’s Army, the appearance of Doc, and special guests in the center of the court. For example, at the previous basketball game they gave away full pizzas. They stood in front of the crowd and held the boxes up shaking them, and as they did that the crowd of course went wild hoping they would get the pizza box to get the pizza.

I do think that the cheerleaders and pom squad performing and doing cheers peps up the crowd which encourages the basketball team to play even harder. Them along with everyone that dresses up does make the games more interesting and exciting for everyone. However, I do not believe that this solely makes the basketball team win or lose, I only think that this helps them be pumped up and want to win more.

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Verizon’s Multimedia

The advertising campaign for Verizon Wireless cell phone service uses many types of media to promote its network. You see the advertisements for this cell phone company sthrough numerous medium. There are ads in magazines, movies, on the internet, radio and  commercials on TV. For these media, there is not a set time that the Verizon campaign runs everyday. It is randomly shown in magazines, movies, the radio and on the side bars of some internet sites. When it is advertised on TV, it is usually advertising the company in general or perhaps a specific plan that is being offered as a special. The reason for all of these ads being shown randomly is because it depends on when Verizon wants their commercials and ads to be shown. It solely depends on when and where Verizon buys the advertisement which determines when and where it will be shown.

The audience that Verizon would be targeting to would be almost anyone because of the fact that anyone could want a cell phone. More specifically though, the audience would primarily be directed to adults and parents who would be paying for the cell phone and cell phone plan for themselves or their family. Children most likely will not be paying for their cell phone or the bill, however, some children can convince their parents to let them have a specific phone or plan based on how much they want to text and send messages to others. I also believe that they target any ethnicity, race, gender, or income among people because there slogan is “America’s most reliable network.” They therefore want to target their cell phone to anywhere and anyone.

I think that Verizon is very effective in advertising there company. They have many advertisements numerous time of the day on multimedia. One of the reasons I think their advertising is effective is because of one the approaches they use in many commercials such as the “plain-folks pitch.” They target any type of ordinary person that lives their lives as most people do everyday because that is the majority of people who buy the products that Verizon offers. Another reason I think that Verizon’s campaign is so effective is because many people already use their service and know that it is a good and reliable network, which then influences others to switch to Verizon.

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“Spin the Bottle”

In my opinion, “Spin the Bottle” was a very informative and meaningful video. I thought the message that was being shown was a very true and concerning issue, however maybe a bit exaggerated. The video explained how TV shows, commercials, movies, music videos, etc., are overusing the advertisement for alcohol in such programs. It also stated how these advertisements are glamorizing alcohol and now showing any negative consequences of drinking. They are mostly advertising to children and teenagers because of the fact that they might not have experience with the use of alcohol and not realize the negative and dangerous effects it could have. Even though I know they consequences, it is still very scary to see, especially knowing that younger children do not know of such situations that can occur.

Another part of the video which I thought was interesting and true for that matter was the way men and women are supposed to represent and act drinking alcohol. In these advertisements, men are portrayed as being pressured into drinking which gives the idea that the more they drink, the more a man they are. For women, they are also advertised drinking, however, the more they drink, the less attractive they become. Also, since most women are concerned about gaining weight from drinking alcohol, the advertisement of it can potentially lead to eating disorders.

The reason that which I believe this video was a bit exaggerated is because they state that by kids watching these ads in the movies, TV shows, etc., this is how many children will act when they start drinking alcohol. I do believe that to some extent, children may act based off of what they see, however, most parents will interfere and talk to their children explaining what is right and wrong. Overall, this world created by ads could create a situation that could be dangerous and lead to rape or other bad situations for those who are not informed properly about the use of drinking.

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Consuming Kids


While watching Consuming Kids in class, I was somewhat disturbed. Some of the ways that they were influencing these children was just wrong. In the film, it was said that parents or grandparents are spending about $700 billion dollars on what kind of cell phone, computer, vacations, cars, etc., just based on the nag factor of children wanting the item. Therefore, if a child wants something, the parents are most likely to spend the money to buy it for them. This is why most companies are targeting children in their commercials, in hope that the child will want the product and make their parents buy it.

In the past, kids have influenced commodities purchased, however things were much cheaper then. Mentioned in the video, it was said in the 70’s to ban the advertising on children eight and under, but they took away FTC authorities and passed the authority and right to regulate advertising to children in the 80’s, therefore still continuing today. It was also shown in the film that psychologists and sociologists are hired in order to study the specific age group and target the products to those children.

I personally do not think that children understand how they’re being targeted in these commercials. I believe that many of the messages being put into these advertisements go way over the heads of children. However, I do think that these advertisements are instilling bad values for a child. They’re somewhat stimulating that you are what you have, buy and own and that if you do not have these things then you are less than others. I do think that it is sad and creepy however that kids are being almost “dissected” and looked at just to sell products.

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Growing up with Disney!

disneyEveryone falls in love with Disney movies, but what are you really watching. Messages that get sent through these movies are just not practical in times today. One cultural theme you see in many of Disney’s movies is that the men have power, and that there is always usually a prince or leading man of some sort. Another culture theme that is usually happening is that of a happy ending, which the girl always get the prince. This gives the illusion that relationships are always perfect and end happy, when they really don’t. Along with this fact that the girl always get a prince, leads to an idea that there is a specific person your meant to marry and be with. In many of these movies is the fathers are telling their daughters that they must marry a certain man, and in each movie, they rebel and marry the man they love. Examples of this are The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Beauty and the Beast. One last theme that I noticed in many of the Disney movies was that there is always an absent parent, or a parent who dies, usually being the mother. Think about it, in Finding Nemo, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, A Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Aladdin, Cinderella, The Lion King, A Goofy Movie, Anastasia and more. However, I am not saying that all messages portrayed in Disney movies are bad. I actually believe that in many of the movies separately they give off good messages and values that children do understand, but these are the similar themes that are shown throughout many Disney movies.


Even though these messages are not all practical, when I was a little girl watching these, I did not know any different, nor did I connect the them to these actual meanings. Disney movies were a big part of my childhood. Those were many of the first movies that my brother and I watched and the stories that my whole family loved. Disney was one way that brought us together and still does. This past summer we went to Disney World in Florida, and it was a way to bring all of us together and relate back to the same movies we all used to watch together, regardless of our age. 


Although growing up with this type of media culture was great, the messages behind the movies which I do understand now and know that it is not the culture of the “real world.” Some may believe that there is a right person for everybody, but that man is not a prince and nor are relationships perfect. Also, it is possible for people to have happy endings but that is not everyones case. The concept of an absent, or dying parent might have taught children at a young age that parents do not live forever and will not always be there. 


I definitely believe that there is an over-commercialization far beyond the movies. Children all over the country and world for that matter, love Disney movies, as do there parents. Therefore, the merchandise for these movies was easy for them to sell. Walt Disney has created so many products for children now through the movies, TV shows, games, it is not even funny. There is much cross-promotion, production and advertising from Disney which is part of the reason they are so powerful in the media world today. 


The magic and dreams come true part of the movies is what I believe partially makes parents and children love so much. Disney movies are almost always a utopia, which is part of what makes them so special. Also, I think that for adults, the happiness of watching their children enjoy these movies makes them enjoy it as well. As we discussed in class, there are also almost hidden messages and jokes throughout the Disney movies that entertain the parents also, which completely blows over a child’s head. 


For me, I do believe that Disney will always be a part of me and my childhood because of the fact that I grew up on these movies, and to this day still love them.


video clip 🙂 

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Touching Novels

One of the books I have read that has made a significant difference in my life would have to be Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl. I’m sure everyone knows what book this is even if they have not read it. This is a non-fiction book that was bought either by my parents or my grandmother many years ago. 


It was given to me when I was definitely slightly younger which is part of the reason why I do not fully remember who gave it to me. I read this book when it was given to me and then I had to read it again for one of my required books in middle school. Normally, I would not have reread the book, however I did not fully remember all the details and events that occurred. 


I had not had many discussions about the book except for in class in middle school which I do not remember much of. I know we talked about the Holocaust in general which led to the requirement of reading the book. This book has impacted my life a great deal due to the fact that I am and was raised Jewish, which is why I believe it did have such an impact on my life. Even though I was not there nor living during this terrible time, when I read this book it really made me almost envision these scenarios. There were many times while reading the diary that I got chills and came close to crying just because everything was so sad, and even worse, I knew this really did happen.


Another way this book had influenced my life was that it made me recognize what I have today and how lucky I am to live the privileged life that I do. In Anne Frank the Diary of  a Young Girl, you read about how many restrictions she had on her life during this time and the hardship that she went through, including having to give up all of her personal belongings. It really made me realize the loving family and friends I have, as well as the extra unneeded wants that I do have such as clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.


This book does not exactly influence what I read today just because of the reason that I do not read. The only books that I have read in the past few years were only the required books that I had to read for high school. It simply is just not a hobby of mine and there are many other things that I would rather spend my time doing. However, even though I do not like to read, and did deeply enjoy this book which truly impacted me.

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